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How to play Taming.io

Taming.io - A survival game with cute pets. Gather resources to build your city. Climb the level to unlock new vehicles and weapons. Install wind turbines to make gold. Control the animals and develop them into epic battles! Combine Sony apples in a box to replace your character and pet. Every student has special abilities in terms of their strengths and benefits. Fire, Factory, Water, Electricity, Prohibition, Damage, Rebel, Reagan ... Choose to start your own pet and manage new animals in the game. Build your army and fight against other teams! Take care of your pets. Safety Button: Pets protect you. Sword Button: Pets attack all the animals they see, except the sleeping child. Button: The animal will stop chasing you and hold your position. Skills button: Pets use their special skills. More updates coming soon Order Movement: W, A, S, D / Z, Q, S, D or arrow keys Click: Left click Click the Settings button (small device) to view and change commands and actions.


.IO Multiplayer Shooting Action Adventure

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