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Gamers, especially PC players, are addicted to video games, and I mean that in a bad way. The "PC master race" and in general the "pro gamers" generally believe that we have the only power of truth, that is to say only one person and anyone who disagrees is often punished by Criticism and nature bless "internet trolls". Games can be very good or bad for these people, there is no middle ground. It's interesting when the Steam poll shows that many games have "the best", average is not good or bad. When a video game becomes very popular and many people play it, even people who don't usually play video games, the game often seems to become a bad game. . and people play it a lot because they are half back. It happens in League of Legends and even in Minecraft... Who can give me why these are bad games. Slither.IO has become so popular that many people consider it a bad game without giving any argument. I mean is a good game to match League of Legends or Minecraft? No, let alone I can't say that can be considered as a good game. I'm saying that didn't become popular because of yes. The developers are able to deploy very good game systems, some of which are not used in the world of video games, to create simple and addictive games. Slither.IO is a game where we can learn a lot from game developers.


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