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How to play

This game 3D in 2nd to participate in the 2D in the atmosphere. Start as a mouse and make you to make your nutritional chain to get your nutrition. Your goal is a simple survival, to do it, raise matches and avoid predictions. When you start at the bottom of the food at the bottom of a meal when you eat a berry, you get an XP for the development of different animals. A weak player / facility is shown at a risk than a risky frame, a dangerous player is displayed by a dangerous player you have avoided this player from this player! Although the food tray is also important to keep the water with the blue entrance. An apple affected by shots. The players movement has been checked by moving, remember that your movement of your character can slow or slow down your character. For example, when you roll, you can eat the fungus or walk around it. Sprinting is in the game and clicks on to your place or pushes you, but it to you, but it at this level of drink!


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