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Welcome to stop the Lord. Create the largest army to create a card and overcome the new area to unlock your kingdom and unlock the better hero! New things: SPECIAL HEROINIOSO is powered to specifically specific (supposed to your ground of special property. - Provided canceled - and more! W, A, S, D or control mouse: move Click each place: immediate attack Click on the building: Building attack A or Right Cleaning: Make active power Space distribution. B: MENU button, U: Form: U: UP: Approval menu, V: Menu Rewards C: Change M format M: Show the Map Mini, L: Showboard Enter: Open chat ASC: Menu The steel. First, do fast. When you unlock, select Local Device in the Device menu (U). Produce the stability of receiving news and sour for the dragon. Make a subdirection update. Create a dirty tower or criminal tower and save the best and all the best walls to save your foundation! You can win gold results and achievements, destroy other players. If you cut enough results, you will unlock a new area, how to win. Tip: Use system creation to make your soldiers inside your army. For example, if you want you to keep your army in the middle of your army in the middle of your army center in your army center.


.IO Shooting Multiplayer Action Adventure

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