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Welcome to the height of laser height. You change the role of a spacecraft pilot and need to fight for your team. But will try to shoot you to prepare other players! You can play different games in both friends and private tournaments. Just send them your match link and make a big order.  All places are equipped with powerful lizards that allow you to record other players and players as a protection station as a protective station. You can get a better weapon of a power shot that makes everywhere in space. Energy has increased that you will find many missiles that will automatically remain automatically when they find one. They will not attack your team. Your shield is your own rescue from your own self, you also get an extra shield, which will save you laser and miss.  This extra shield doubles your spacecraft protection. Indicator - until your plan until your ship is damaged, the ability to speed up your speed. Use it to avoid a sophisticated fight against a dog or follow other players. Space Bombs is the most powerful weapon you can use a space bomb. It will damage and can destroy the other bombs in the bomb.  After resetting it will explode in a few seconds. If you've seen all your big green explosion as soon as you can! Tser - You track other players, but they soon? Use only the opposite face! It will spray a powerful light bulb and turn on the passage at the same time. But close to them, until the area is long distance. Shield Defense Shield If someone follows you, you will follow you a dog or missile war, near the red shield.  It will cover your back in a few seconds near you. But other players can use this technology to protect their self-defense. V / s / s / d - the left mouse of utilization - pawspower to reduce (or strength) dogs (or few seconds) to minimize the dog (or a large booster 


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