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How to play digdig.io

How to Play

Dig and also grow

Move around utilizing your computer mouse and gather water to begin expanding. There are also other sources that will include armor and make you expand faster. Avoid lava as this will certainly diminish your life. When you grow big enough, you can begin tackling various other gamers for more factors! Maintain an eye on your wellness and armor before taking on other gamers though.

Modification game modes

digdig.io functions a number of video game settings, not simply the traditional FFA games seen in several IO video games.

  • FFA - every digger on their own
  • TDM - join a team
  • TAG - conceal and also seek!
  • Battle Royale - be the last one standing
  • Maze - all players are constrained to a maze

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  • Expand your miner and also gain factors
  • Different resources to assist you get strong
  • Make success for your progression
  • Selection of game settings to select from

Release Date

July 2021


digdig.io is made by Matheus Valadares.


Web web browser (desktop and mobile)



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