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2D games you want to build and steal your weapon will improve your weapon. New sports and new battle games, new 1, to build opponents to improve their stewards. Will you position the last? How to play: A / F - Contact your older to make your older - Jump to a wall - jump on walls and obstacles. Other changes - Shooting R - Your weapon to configure and manage your weapons cards, brown on the farm, brown, brown and gold. When you finish opponents, you can steal it to make it better.  Rifle was used for a couple of stylish balls close and each other. Quickball fires quickly quickly, but their limit is limited. Stain and R -1 are a large average weapon, but no common injury in R -15, but it is right. The amount of volume and long spines and long spines to damage and loss more than long spines and more than Longs. The gun has three times in great loss and has a long struggle hurts seriously.  Bolt is a single shot, when a blow is damaged much, but you have to be fired. If you see that you also remember, orgasm !!! To sing when you wait to get into the room. During the previous reception you will feel your 100 basketball bundle bundle and contact other people in the lobby. When there are coffee players, you come into a real match on the map, so you have to prepare for opponents. Another important part of the first game - collects a collection of materials.  The tree table, and the mountain will give you a battery charge, and only the most common items around you can use the most common content. When the game grows, make sure you check the map like red storms shut down. If you cause an attack, hurts, and increase the injury, so it grows for a long time. There is no big problem at the beginning of time. Sure to recover if you were captured or caught in a storm. If you live enough to do enough skills and shooting, you can win a match or the other or third that can end up.  Should you build a builder? 


.IO Adventure Shooting Multiplayer Puzzle Action

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