Battle Of Karin

Battle Of Karin

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Karin's war is a free name. Welcome to Karen's horrible world. It's a multiple star game. It is simple, but focuses on color, special skills and strategies. You think there is more than 40 years only 40 years, but is part of the obvious weapons and power types.  And the enemies in this game are not just a thought that floats in space or ordinary shoes that are for her explosion. In this game, the enemy is another person, they are the same player working the same car with the same car same car. The only thing that separates you from them is your skills. So get a good scraper and play a completely cool sport. The goal is good and think about cars to cover the stereoid.  The law for all wars is free. Every death gives you a score. At the end of 3 minutes having any points. All your points are attached to your normal account. The winner has also received 10 points in normal temperature.  It takes three times to destroy the planet and there is no valid. Checked by moving and recording. You can use a particular stream when you are powerful. Press x to attach the press and around a laser. Use speed to change the instructions or avoid opponents.  Use gurizer according to hair and balls. Special power to restart 5 seconds to use it. The player's plan can set up their ships. You can choose a light distance, but choose your cabin and flames. The most popular indicator on the above rating has a mark.  Have been ranked after each game. If you are an above player in any rating, you also get ads also advertising. Your icon will appear in the game. Only players who participated in rank. Log in to your random account user to verify.  The game will only be used for names of unwanted users. 


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