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How to play

You can merge different fish kinds to develop much more effective variations. Regularly, you should expand your army and test the other players for dominance of the deep sea!

Launch Day

April 2019

Designer is made by S3 Gamings, the same developer who made as well as.


  • A multiplayer fishermen fish battle video game
  • Beautiful ocean atmosphere with different light degrees
  • Neutral fishes that you can reach join your army
  • Two game settings: FFA and Groups
  • Playable in fullscreen


Internet browser

Unique pointer

You can make use of the appropriate mouse switch not simply for creatures merging. If you hold RMB for a long period of time, your queen will certainly devour your very own institution of fish as well as gain experience consequently. After obtaining the required quantity of experience (see queen fish symbol at the left-top edge of the screen) it advances to the next level of advancement. Each level of advancement makes your queen more powerful and also unlocks some unique capacity.


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